Jing He


Jing He is a visual artist and educator based in Rotterdam. Her interest in culture, politics and the history behind various daily objects leads to imaginative visual representations involving various materials and mediums. During the creation of her works, she is open to collaboration with people from different disciplines. Her works are rich in the details of daily life and her compassion for social phenomena comes from both where she has been raised and where she currently lives. Jing He's works have been included in the collection of The Art Institute of Chicago and the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation collection, which is hosted by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. She is a finalist of the Hublot Design Prize 2018 and The Best of DDW - Dutch Design Week 2016, and winner of the Gijs Bakker Award 2016.

Website: https://he-jing.com/

IG: @jing_jing_jing_jing_jing