Cristina-Sorina Stângaciu


Cristina-Sorina Stângaciu is a lecturer at the Computer and Information Technology Department of Politehnica University of Timișoara and a research engineer at the DSPLabs research laboratory.  Her doctoral research focused on energy efficient real-time scheduling on embedded systems. Overall, Cristina’s research areas and interests cover embedded and real-time hardware-software systems, real-time and mixed-criticality scheduling algorithms, the Internet of Things, and  power management in embedded devices. Her teaching activity includes, among others, subjects such as data structures and algorithms, operating systems for IoT, and  design of real-time systems. Cristina has been part of several research and development grant-funded projects, some of them representing collaborations with industry - Continental Automotive and Movidius. These projects covered areas such as advanced multimedia applications on mobile phone multi-core architecture, time and energy efficient inter-operation of smart devices or high-performance cloud platforms.