Alina Lupu


Alina Lupu was born and raised in Romania and works as a writer and post-conceptual artist in Amsterdam. Her works were presented, among others, at  IMPAKT.NL - Utrecht, VHDG - Leeuwarden, W139 - Amsterdam, Onomatopee - Eindhoven, Hotel Maria Kapel - Hoorn, Drugo More - Rijeka, Room Rheum - Basel, European Lab - Lyon, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - Berlin, and Goethe Institut - Bucharest. She is a board member of Platform BK - an organisation that researches the role of art in society and advocates for a better art policy, a student of the Master Photography and Society at the Royal Academy of the Arts, the Hague, and a former member of the Art and Spatial Praxis research group at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, where she analysed the role of artists in gentrification processes. Alina’s practice was described as follows, by the jury of the Sybren Hellinga Art Prize for which she was nominated: "Alina Lupu is fighting for a fairer world in her work. She consistently examines the ways in which the conditions are set for participation in the economy, or how the economy is shaped, and who is thereby included or excluded and consequently at risk of marginalization. These are topics of great importance for workers determination at a time when direct transactions seem to become more accessible, but in reality also ever more elusive.”


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